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Teeth whitening treatment

A whiter tooth is a dream of every man and woman. Whiter teeth enhance ones appearance and a bright smile infuses lot of confidence in a person. Poor oral hygiene, age, genetics, side effects of few medicines, habits like smoking and drinking, beverages like coffee and tea are some causes for discoloration. The stains caused by these factors may be extrinsic or intrinsic. Whatever may be reason behind the stains, teeth whitening, a safe procedure for reasonable expectations can do wonders on the stains. Get ready to get rid of dull and yellow teeth by our teeth whitening treatment at Dr. Rasika’s Dental Wellness Centre.

Teeth Whitening Options:

Office Bleaching –

Advanced teeth whitening treatment options are available and are provided at our clinic. The dentist guides you to select a suitable shade for better results. During treatment, utmost care is given so that other parts of the teeth are not affected. Gums and lips are covered and only the teeth are exposed. The whitening process starts with application of appropriate gel on stained teeth. A light source is placed near the gel applied region so that it works on stains and aids in whitening. For stubborn stains more sessions may be required for further bleaching.

Home Bleaching –

Another option for teeth whitening process is home kits. The dentist may advice on “take home whitening kits”. These are custom made trays and the dentist provides clear instructions on how to use and also the length of time for which bleaching agent should remain on your teeth. It may vary from an hour to overnight. These home care kits are beneficial in the long run.

The general side effect is sensitivity which is temporary. The dentist may prescribe sensitivity gel or tooth paste to reduce sensitivity.

Why Teeth Whitening at our clinic?

Dr. Rasika’s clinic is specialized in Teeth Whitening treatment. There are many satisfied patients who underwent teeth whitening process mainly because of our candid and confidence building consultation about the procedures, the side effects, and results.