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Sinus grafting

Sinus grafting is basically done to aid dental implantation. Not all dental implants require sinus grafting. Although it is a very common procedure, it is required only if adequate bone structure is not present for a dental implant in the area of molar and pre molar teeth. A healthy gum and adequate bone structure is necessary for a dental implant surgery. Bone graft is done for adequate bone support if the bone is thin and weak. Sinus lift is required when the sinuses are too close to the upper jaw or sufficient bone height is not present. This procedure should be done only by an expert.

Why sinus graft?

When there is a tooth loss due to various reasons from dental injury to periodontal disease, over a period of time, the toothless area loses its height and width. The maxillary sinus floor also becomes lower leading to loss of volume in bone. This becomes a greatest disadvantage for a dental implant as this procedure helps in regaining the lost height of the bone. So, to facilitate dental implant, a site is prepared and sinus floor augmentation is done to increase the amount of bone.