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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is essentially carried out to protect the teeth instead of removing it. At Dr. Rasika’s Dental Wellness Centre we give preference to protect and repair the damaged or infected teeth by providing root canal treatment. This is also called Endodontic Therapy.

When is Root Canal treatment required?

When the pulp of the teeth is exposed to bacteria by way of tooth decay, fractures or any other reasons, the teeth can get damaged or diseased. To prevent more damage, treatment is absolutely necessary. Root canal treatment is the most appropriate methodology of treatment to combat this issue and also additionally to address both pain and swelling.

How Root Canal Procedure is done……

At our clinic, many patients who have undergone root canal treatment are completely satisfied with the procedure and most of the patients have not experienced any pain during the treatment. Utmost care is given in our clinic for a clean and sterile environment to undergo any treatment procedures.

  • The dentist removes the infected pulp and nerve.
  • With specialized instrument, the pulp area is thoroughly cleaned to remove all the remaining infected tissues.
  • Fill and seal the area.
  • A crown or bridge is necessary after filling.

When to visit the orthodontist?

Generally it is not advisable to extract the decayed tooth, as the gap that is created after extraction may create problems. Teeth movement may happen and it may start to shift from its position and lead to bad bite. This may pave the way for gum diseases and joint pain.

Why Root canal at our clinic?

  • Experience.
  • Efficiency.
  • Cost – effective.
  • Timely treatment.
  • Advanced technology.
  • Best pre – treatment and post – treatment care.

Visit us immediately if severe pain, sensitivity, pain while biting is experienced or for any other dental issues to evaluate the problem accurately for further treatment.