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Preventive care

Preventive dentistry plays a vital role towards having healthy gums, teeth, and mouth. Preventive care paves way for a healthy mouth and thereby diminishing the need for dental treatment. It is always better to prevent than treating after the problems have occurred. By practicing the best suited preventive care plan prepared by the dentist, it is possible to keep the teeth and gum problems at bay. Here, both you and the dentist work as a team and ensure less dental treatment to avoid future complications.

At Dr. Rasika’s dental clinic, the comprehensive preventive care procedures aim for good oral health for your complete family. This treatment is suitable even for your one year old kid to older people and also for those who use dentures. Through preventive care treatment methods, apart from the advantages of maintaining a healthy oral hygiene, a lot of money is saved by avoiding other dental restorative procedures.

Dentists at our clinic will advice on:

  • Dental products that help in removing plaque.
  • Importance of flossing.
  • The correct method of brushing.
  • The necessity of brushing twice a day.
  • And also about any other products and methods that help to achieve overall oral health.
  • Healthy habits for good oral health, and vitamins, and mineral rich diet recommendations will also be provided under the preventive care program. The dentist also throws light on the ill effects of consuming foods and drinks that are loaded with high amount of sugar. (A main reason for plaque and tooth decay)

These are few vital oral care steps that can be taken at home.

It is always better to commence the preventive care by checking your teeth and gums. To prevent tooth decay and to remove plaque and tartar, the usual procedures of scaling and polishing treatments are adopted. This also ensures a healthy mouth.

Preventive care is best suited at very young age. Within 6 months of first tooth eruption, it is advisable for the parents to bring the baby to the dental clinic for a general check up and seek advice on comprehensive dental care.

Methods of preventive treatment

  • Doctors diagnose problems clearly with the help of x-rays to check for any cavities in the gum line or between the teeth to enable early treatment.
  • Dental plaque cannot be removed at home. Hence a visit to the dentist is recommended every six months.
  • Checking for malocclusion and correcting the bad bite through various treatment methods. Generally braces and aligners are recommended to prevent future complications.
  • The dentist may prescribe mouth guards for those with the habit of teeth grinding and clenching. This prevents wear and tear and also joint disorders.
  • Fluoride treatment, sealants for preventing tooth decay may also be prescribed.
  • Regular dental screenings also aids in finding out signs of mouth cancer.

Compared to corrective treatment which is practiced post occurrence of the problem, preventive care treatment is less expensive and also necessary for a better oral health. So contact us today for an appointment for dental preventive care program for you and your loved ones.