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Cosmetic dentistry

Who does not love an elegant smile? For a perfect stunning smile and improved teeth appearance, cosmetic dentistry plays a vital role. A common perception about cosmetic dentistry is that it just caters to teeth whitening, and restoration of the damaged tooth by veneer placement. It is actually much more than that and has advanced further by leaps and bounds. For cosmetic dentistry in Pune, Dr. Rasika’s dental clinic is most sought after, as importance is given for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Our cosmetic dental procedures place prominent focus on complete oral health along with improved appearance.

Under cosmetic dentistry, a wide range of treatment options are available and as mentioned earlier they are not just limited to change the way you smile. To improve the overall oral health, we may recommend appropriate cosmetic procedures. These procedures have evolved so much that specific materials are selected to render natural appearance.

Cosmetic Procedures At Our Clinic:

Dental implants: An artificial root is placed in the missing tooth area. Aesthetic look is achieved without disturbing the adjacent teeth.

Bonding: Best suitable for chipped, broken, stained teeth. The bonding material used bonds well with enamel and dentin.

Dentures: Used as replacement of missing teeth. Partial, full and over dentures (modern and advanced dental implant dentures) are available.

Teeth whitening:Cosmetic procedure for stained and discolored tooth.

Porcelain veneers:These wafer thin pieces with stain resistant and durable features are used to provide natural appearance. Veneers are more useful, If teeth whitening procedure is not possible or desirable.

Porcelain Crowns and bridges: Tooth restorations techniques that mimic natural tooth.

Tooth colored fillings: Gold and silver amalgams are a thing of past. Tooth colored fillings are used for more natural look.

Cosmetic procedures are done at our clinic with utmost care and the results are enhanced by Dr.Rasika’s skill, experience and expertise. The dentist at our clinic is more than happy to answer all your queries such as the expected results, the techniques used for treatment and also about the maintenance procedures. Visit us today to know more about cosmetic dentistry, procedures used and its benefits for an overall good oral health and for improved appearance.

  • The dentist removes the infected pulp and nerve.
  • With specialized instrument, the pulp area is thoroughly cleaned to remove all the remaining infected tissues.
  • Fill and seal the area.
  • A crown or bridge is necessary after filling.

When to visit the orthodontist?

Generally it is not advisable to extract the decayed tooth, as the gap that is created after extraction may create problems. Teeth movement may happen and it may start to shift from its position and lead to bad bite. This may pave the way for gum diseases and joint pain.

Why Root canal at our clinic?

  • Experience.
  • Efficiency.
  • Cost – effective.
  • Timely treatment.
  • Advanced technology.
  • Best pre – treatment and post – treatment care.

Visit us immediately if severe pain, sensitivity, pain while biting is experienced or for any other dental issues to evaluate the problem accurately for further treatment.