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How to prevent tooth decay naturally

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Dental wellness is an important aspect of the overall health of an individual. It goes beyond a sparkling white teeth and a beautiful smile. Oral hygiene includes regular brushing of teeth and dental floss so that tooth decay and cavities can be kept at bay.
Cavities are formed when the bacteria in our mouth infects and erodes the surface of the teeth while feeding on the food in the mouth. Bacteria, which is present in all of us eats into the food accumulated in our teeth and produces acid which destroys the tooth enamel. In many cases, it leaves a sticky film on the teeth called “Plaque”. Plaque slowly degenerates into small pits called Cavities. Plaque and cavities can be treated only by a dentist with the help of their tools. Regular brushing and dental flossing will ensure food does not get accumulated in the teeth leading to tooth decay.
Diet has a direct impact on the condition of our teeth. Raw food, sweets, foods that stick to the teeth like chocolates, dry fruits, cheese etc. and acidic beverages are known to cause tooth decay. People who keep munching something every now and then are prone to tooth decay.
The following are a few preventive tips for Tooth care:

  • Sugar: Sugar is the main culprit and reducing or completely removing sugar from one’s diet will help in the prevention of tooth decay. The bacteria feeds on sugar accumulated in the teeth. The acidic nature of sugar erodes the minerals and calcium present in the teeth and makes way for cavities. Honey and maple syrup can be used in place of sugar.
  • Tooth Friendly Foods: Fibre-rich food helps in the production of saliva that helps in protecting the teeth. Raw dairy products like cheese, goat’s milk kefir, grass-fed butter contain vitamins and minerals that help in maintaining good tooth quality. Sprouted nuts, beans, healthy fats like coconut oil/olives/fish oil, fresh fruits, and cooked leafy vegetables are some of the tooth friendly foods that can be included in regular diet. Avoid processed/packaged/fast foods. Sugar free chewing gum helps in saliva production and cleanses the tooth of the leftover foods. Include Vitamins A, D, E and K and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in your diet.
  • Good/Bad Drinks: Green and black teas keep bacteria at bay and help in reducing plaque formation. Carbonated drinks eat into the tooth enamels and are thus harmful for the tooth.
  • Xylitol: Xylitol, a natural sweetener, when added to toothpaste, mouthwash or any other food items helps in preventing bacterial growth in the mouth.
  • Oil Pulling: This ancient way of oral hygiene holds good even to this date. Swishing oil in the mouth for about 20 minutes periodically cleans the mouth of the harmful bacteria.

Brushing first thing in the morning helps in getting rid of the bacteria that builds up overnight in our mouth. Regular brushing or at least rinsing the mouth after every meals helps in flushing out the leftover food in the mouth. Drinking water helps in production of saliva which protects the tooth and also washes out the bacteria.

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Every Expectant Mother Needs to Know These Dental Facts

You are pregnant; you know that it’s a great and the most crucial time of your life. You are taking care of entire body as advised by your doctor. At the same time don’t forget to consult a good dentist who will guide you to take care of your teeth and gums. We present you some dental facts that you need to know while you are expecting.

Does calcium required for the baby’s teeth come from the mother’s teeth?

No, the calcium required for your baby’s teeth does not come from the mother’s teeth. It comes from the mother’s diet. Hence expecting mothers should include calcium –rich foodstuffs like milk, yogurt, spinach, broccoli etc in their diet.

How do I care for my teeth during pregnancy?

You should brush your teeth, twice a day, with a well-recognized fluoridated toothpaste (ask your dentist to recommended one). Also floss your teeth regularly to clean the gaps between the teeth. Supplement with an anti-plaque or anti-gingivitis mouthwash that the dentist has recommended. Ask your dentist to learn how to floss and brush correctly.

Should I take fluoride supplements?

It is commonly perceived that if the mother takes fluoride supplements during pregnancy, the child will have strong teeth. But the effects of pre-natal fluoride supplements have not been well studied hence we cannot make such a prediction with confidence. Fluoride supplements are found to be more effective when the teeth have been fully formed. The teeth become resistant to cavities.

What effect will my pregnancy have on my gums?

During pregnancy, the level of the hormone progesterone rises in your body. Due to this, your gums may become overly sensitive to bacterial plaque. Your gums may become red and puffy, they may bleed while brushing. During the second to eighth month of pregnancy, Gingivitis( inflammation of the gums) is common. In the second trimester of pregnancy, a ‘pregnancy tumor’ caused by overgrowth of gum tissue has been commonly found. It is non-cancerous and is formed because of too much plaque.

It is very important that you consult a good dentist during pregnancy as research has found that women with prenatal gum disease deliver premature babies with low birth weight. Visit Dr Rasika’s Dental Wellness centre, a top-notch dental clinic in Pune, for more details and guidance.

We wish you all the best!

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How A Pediatric Dentist Can be a Good Dental Care Choice for Your Child

Dr. Rasika’s Dental Wellness Centre, a well-renowned dental clinic in Pashan, Pune is very well-equipped to take care of your child’s teeth. In its growing-up years, a child requires a lot of care and attention for its oral health. At the time when a child is losing its milk teeth and gaining permanent teeth, it is very important for you to consult

a good pediatric dentist. The dentist can help in avoiding any complications and ensure a healthy development of the new set of teeth. Besides, a child needs dental care right from its first tooth erupts, to ensure a healthy growth.

We provide you some reasons as to why a pediatric dentist can be a good dental care choice for your child:

Awareness of a child’s dental developmental patterns: Kids go through a lot of developmental changes and a pediatric dentist can provide erudite care. At no other point in life do so many changes happen in jaw and dental structures than birth to early adulthood. Some complications can arise like impacted wisdom or front canine teeth that may hamper looks in future. Hence proper and timely dental care can prevent this from happening.

Technical know-how to handle childhood dental decay: Since children are more prone to have tooth decay as compared to adults, they need expert care. A pediatric dentist is well-resourced with techniques like dental sealants, fluoride applications, modified root canal treatments etc.

Knowledge of Child Psychology: Pediatric dentists have clinics with interiors that are appealing to kids. The bright and cheerful designs, activities that kids like help to release the tension in a kid’s mind when it comes for an examination. Furthermore, pediatric dentists and its staff are well trained in child psychology and can thus handle children better.

They can give instructions for home-care: It is very important that you take care of your child’s teeth even at home. An expert’s advice on brushing and flossing can lay the foundation for good oral hygiene if your child.

You can get knowledgeable care for the dental hygiene of your child at Dr. Rasika’s Dental Wellness centre.

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